The Graceful Spout!

Roofers are specially designed lids for jugs, thermos and teapot with the purpose of making liquid pouring an easy experience. When we pour from a regular spout the liquid tends to drip and settle around the spout opening, resulting in limescale formation. The graceful redesign solves the issue plus keeps the bottle completely covered.

This is how it works, “The ‘roof’ has no opening, so protects the contents, while the curve pushes the liquid back into the vessel after pouring, which prevents any drips forming.”

Designer: Shota Aoyagi

Roofers from studio koya on Vimeo.


  • Ray says:

    Is there a way to seal it? otherwise it makes for crappy portability (unless you’re supposed to carry it around as an EXTRA cap).

  • Seamus Dubh says:

    Now that’s how you apply laminar flow physics.

  • Edwin says:

    doesn’t sound too hygenic if the place where you are going to hold onto the bottle (the “roof”) when you want to open the lid is exactly where the water will be when you want to pour water out..

  • Sue says:

    Might make people consider washing their hands before handling it(OMG). Anyway it would need to be opened only when you wanted to refill it thus you won’t have to wash your hands too often.

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