Faux Pen

Designed to look like a thick pen, the Lepen Solder System is probably the sleekest of solder irons I have ever seen. The design is not all about looks though it addresses key issues like ergonomics, smoke absorption, safety and charging. The solder pen docks into the holder for charging, which also doubles up as a smoke absorber. Moonhwan points out that the Soldering Pen helps users to feed, melt, and desolder solder in an easy and comfortable way. I think I agree!

The Lepen is a IDEA 2011 Finalist Entry.

Designer: Moonhwan Lee

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vI3Kw0Ii_5Q 600 451]


  • Johnny says:

    The heat element is kept out and away from the fingers on traditional soldering irons for good reasons.

  • Mistic says:

    Yes I don’t want my finger to be 5mm near the main resistor…

    And I don’t understand how this pen heats the circuit and components… they must all a the same temperature for a good soldering (electric and mechanical)

  • Robert says:

    Whomever came up with this does not know how soldering works. A soldering iron is for heating up the join you want to make, not for heating the solder. Heating the solder directly will make the solder stick to the iron and not go onto the join.

  • Ahmed says:

    NO THANKS I perfere my old soldering tools it gives me high energy, better control,long operating time and when i want to get a fancy one, there is the laser technology and about the smoke absorption “where dose the shit go” (from the movie), I think tools should be designed from a hands on experience

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