The Training Dresser

Remember when we were just kids and life’s challenges were so incredibly simple? Tying shoes. Adding 10+10. Sigh… if only day to day obstacles were still that easy. The Training Dresser is a reminder that no matter how insignificant those things might seem now, they are milestones we all had to achieve at some point or another. The dresser’s informative graphic drawers make it an encouraging object for kids and an iconic furniture piece for parents, sure to be cherished for years. Get it here!

The dresser is hand crafted and packaged with care in Eastern Washington by the crew at Mountain View Cabinetry. The cabinet is made from ¾” ULDF and finished with conversion varnish. The drawers are 9 ply ½” maple plywood, dovetailed and finished with clear catalyzed lacquer. All cabinet and drawer components are cut, drilled and dadoed on a CNC table router. Assembled with a combination of screws, pins, staples, glue, and Pacific Northwest fresh air.

Designer: Peter Bristol


  • WZhang says:

    Eames rocker in a kid’s room, if only I were so lucky as a child.

  • jaharpan says:


  • Kinny Fear says:

    How about sideways trouser drawer? It’s just that it’s quite a deep drawer….

  • Jack says:

    I’m not a child but I’d love this in my room because, basically, it looks cool.

  • Calligaris says:

    Beautiful, fun, promotes tidiness, made from all kid-friendly components: So it ticks all the boxes with regards to furniture for a child’s room. Peter Bristol seems to be quite a zaney designer. I perused his website and stumbled across his “Cut Chair”, seemingly a optical illusion sculpture that uses a hidden steel plate beneath the unsevered leg to provide a stable base for a sawn-through chair, will take some persuading to get someone to sit down on it though.

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