One Go-Kart 2 Go Please

Launch of a whole new electric go kart that can fold up and fit in the back of your car. Designed and engineered to look and feel like a formula one car, this go-kart only weighs 65 pounds. The entire chassis and body work are made from carbon fiber, and lightweight lithium batteries power this racer to a top speed of 60 mph. The chassis is designed to fold up into a package of only 30” x 30” x 15,” this is achieved by quick disconnects of the rims and steering wheel and folding the chassis in half. DO WANT!

Designer: Beau Reid of Beau Designs


  • eddd222 says:

    Very nice rendering and concept.
    To bad it has KTM X-bow colors.

  • Kroneif says:

    Seriously a X-Bow rip-off.

    Folds up AFTER you pull of the wheels and steering wheel. And why paddle shifters on an electric vehicle? Unnecessary. Those wings would last about 2 seconds in a real kart race. Front fenders are useless too.

    Chassis rigidity is surely compromised as well by folding.

    Sure it looks cool, but would never work.

  • design+ says:

    as a go kart enthusiast, i think this is interesting idea.

    2 things I find interesting.

    1. Sized to fit in a trunk
    2. Bit more designed than current go kart styles.

    Now here are the issues.
    1. Go-kart is a contact sport, those sharp wings need to go.
    2. That folding mechanism won’t work, start from typical mid sized trunk size and talk to an engineer if you don’t have structure requirements for a vehicle.

    I think this is very interesting idea and if the cost/customization meets the need, it could really be something.

  • elleryxo says:

    In general if your kart folds in half youre having a bad day.

  • F1 nut says:

    Blah blah blah… just make it and ill buy. It looks stunning. Even if i have to run alone on the track i still want to own one and drive it on the track.
    Sharp edges pffff… can you hear your self saying that?! This is for petrol heads not for posh designers.

  • Felipe Camargo says:

    Awesome, just perfect!!

    Although, i see a problem with the spoiler, he is a little bit off from the kart chassis, and everyone who once drove a kart, know that its pretty common some hits at the back from the kart behind, and with this sopoiler, i think it will be very dangerous any approach from a kart behind.

    Its better if you put the spoiler more closer to the kart chassis to avoid accidents.

  • ang rhi says:

    what a shit.. foldability is a stupid idea. the structure is stupid.. and the bodywork is stupid.. at first glance it looks cool though. … btw, what do the fenders in front do, except keeping you from turning the wheels ??? and how do you avoid your man behind flying over your backwheel oder slicing your tires with his front wing. what are the holes in front for ? what is that pseudo-diffusor about ? you have no idea about vehicles….

  • ang rhi says:

    p.s. this is NOT for petrolheads.. they wont buy this designy shit.. they will outrun it with sth. that performs, no matter how it looks. ! although that will probably look better anyway as this here is only art deco or so…

  • ang rhi says:

    oh, i forgot to see: it even has a nice decorative puma logo application on the side ! yeeha

  • ang rhi says:

    and that nice comfy seat… really protects your ribs when racing…. stuff like that makes me angry and gives designers a bad name…

  • ang rhi says:

    …good thing it has paddle shifters… you need many gears on electric motors. they dont have a lot of torque (irony)…. just hope you dont want to grab the steering wheel.. or your fingers get caught… oh, or is it hand gas/brake ? like on a push-lawnmower ? …cos it doesnt have pedals ?

  • ang rhi says:

    … and the motion blur on the rear wing and wheel means that it is constantly moving in relation to the front ? that would explain it, with all the hinges..

  • Martini says:

    This is a mad concept! i designed a Go Kart last year for my Yr 12 VCD studies, and looking at this makes me think about what i could have done.. i think i focused to much on how hard it is to make a Go Kart different and didnt think of designing with a normal Go Kart shape

  • Marcus Dagna says:

    best answer of all…i´m into shifter kart in Brasil, aldeia da serra-sp

    great answer

  • martin wittmier says:

    Great stuff, just needs to go 130+mph, with an electric it must beat a 125 shifter from 0-60

  • william says:

    please make thiss

  • basil says:

    hi where can we import them from for reselling please

  • Yousuf says:

    How much is this for. Us dollars

  • somenameudontneedtoknow says:

    All you people downgrading this go kart shut up! if your downgrading his go kart design you go make one up. I would like to see one of you try. You guys are like the people who downgrade football players because they didnt catch the ball but the people downgrading the football player couldnt catch that ball, and if they could then they should go try out for the team.

  • leshy says:

    The point about the spoiler is solid,one to take into consideration,but i looooove the design honestly,dont know much about electric motors and so forth,but if the experience wont be that different from any kart,i dont care,

    If one is interested,how much is it and how or where can one buy it.

  • leshy says:

    The point about the spoiler is solid,one to take into consideration,but i looooove the design

    If one is interested,how much is it and how or where can one buy it.

  • j dogg says:

    great go kart for experinced people, like me

  • practicaljack says:

    I’ve raced karts for years…. bla bla bla…

    Anyway, I could never come up with a cool design like this because my brain gets all inhibited by all the practical elements.

    Step 1: throw reality out the window and think about the posibilities.

    What if you didn’t need a petrol tank, fuel lines, throtle cables, air box, muffler, hydraulic brakes? What could an electric kart look like?
    What if you could make it really light weight?
    What if you didn’t want a trailer to carry your kart to the track?
    And forget the price tag!
    Start without the saftey police and then see what you come up with.
    Now you go design something really cool!

  • Cameron Cates says:

    How much money do you want.

  • Cameron Cates says:

    Is the kart still for sale if it is how much money do you want.

  • Mike says:

    How do you buy it

  • tiffany says:

    how do I find price & purchase?

  • amazingabor says:

    Good question. How much is this go kart?
    I can`t evenfind its price…

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  • all c says:

    What is the price

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