Leave Your Car at Home

CoCy, the brainchild of Robert Nightingale & Adrian Weidmann, is an ingenious smart-service concept that aims to provide users with free transportation & local, ethical, & sustainable businesses with a creative platform to advertise. The lightweight cycles incorporate a gang of innovative features that make locating, reserving, & operating the bike a super easy process for locals & visitors alike. A great system that also has potential to create revenue for both local organizations & international charities.

Bikes are locked into a solar powered bluetooth docking station until the user activates the release via their smartphone or enters an online generated code. Smartphone applications would enable users to locate docking stations rapidly & make reservations in a snap. After use, the user can return the cycle to any docking station which can be geo-located on the bike’s own visual interface. The user then simply slips the bike into the dock, waits for the “click” & walks away.

The “blank slate” design & interchangeable advertising unit on each bike gives businesses plenty of room to showcase their advertisements & allows campaigns to change regularly. Additional revenue is created by charging the user a small fee after the first free 30 minutes, ensuring the longevity of the service.

Designers: Robert Nightingale & Adrian Weidmann