You Need a Big Chest to be Superman

Wearing red underpants over blue tights is not going to make you Superman! You need to exercise….and maybe beef up that chest with the Elastic Exerciser! This handy elastic rubber sheet is disguised as a mousepad. When no one’s looking you can do a rep or two and your secret will be safe. Same rules apply for Batman and brigade.

Designers: Guanyun Wang, Chengyuan Wei, Fan Zhang & Ye Tao


  • Su says:

    Without any special tools, we can do isometric training anywhere.

  • Quintin says:

    Cool concept!

    I wonder how long it takes until one of the handles breaks, though…

  • Syed says:

    Unfortunately they need to research workouts and physical fitness before creating projects even as simple as this.
    Stretching the band outwards works mainly the forearms and back, absolutely no chest whatsoever.

    If this is supposed to imitate the common elastic workout bands, its much too small to workout anything but those forearms.

  • Mario Cisneros says:

    Different form factor to the already existing and highly efficient not to mention cheap elastic workout bands combos.
    The idea is nice but i think they are kind of limited in the amount of different workouts that can be done.

  • crystone1 says:

    cool, i want to try

  • really?? says:

    nice one, but fail. The photos of the guy in the white tshirt are just edited against a 3d image of the product… look at his thumbs… wrong. looks like the have used an image of an actual, successful product and put theres in. Couldn’t even get their product to work once for one photo. sorry.

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