Usetool’s minimal toothbrush holds a complete sterilization center!

The Usetool Toothbrush is a toothbrush holder that focuses on the sterilization of the device, whilst simultaneously enforcing the correct usage and storage of the tool that we use each and every day. The family of products consists of a toothbrush, a sterilizer and a holder, as well as charging dock that can cater to up to three devices. Each of these components carries an equally as beautiful design, where the rounded form is paired with monochromatic colors that evoke a sense of hygiene and cleanliness.

The toothbrush isn’t for exclusive use with the sterilizer; a magnetic mount can be placed on a neighboring wall and provides a location for your toothbrush to dry more effectively. Usetool Toothbrush isn’t just for use within the domestic setting, a translucent travel cover contains the family of products and ensures the brush stays in a hygienic condition.

Designers: Jiyoun Kim & Junyoung Jang for Usetool Company

Using the travel cover allows to keep hygienic brush condition.

It is more convenient to use a wireless charger that provides three charging spots when it is used as a family unit.

There is another way to use the toothbrush only without a sterilizer. Circle magnetic mount holds toothbrush for better drying condition.