Infant Incubator

Baby NEST I-plus, a full feature incubator, provides the ideal environment for neonatal/premature infants. Baby NEST I-plus is an enclosed neonatal intensive care microenvironment developed to meet the needs of both clinicians and patients. Several unique features provide a superior developmentally appropriate environment for the patient, while simplifying procedures for the clinician. With pioneering new technologies for newborns and their caregivers, it simplifies equipment ergonomics to support nursing care.

Baby NEST I-plus is the first incubator that can be converted to an open bed with warmer and phototherapy unit still installed. A Therapy module can be rotated 90 degrees on both sides. A Hood unit can be opened to allow two clinicians to care for the infant simultaneously while the baby remains in the incubator, reducing handling and adverse stimulation. The Hood unit can also be tilted partially in safety. Twin mattress and large canopy is suitable for tracing and treatment of premature and light weight babies in ICU. Rotating mattress with Trendelenburg mechanism minimizes unnecessary baby stimulation, rotates 360 degrees to allow proper positioning for all types of procedures without disturbing the infant. The device offers a broad adjustable range for various procedures and family interaction. There’s also a large 8.4″ LED display with pertinent oxygen, humidity, air temperature, body and skin temperature stats.

Designer: Dr. Hakan Gürsu for Designnobis