Doing Dishes the Non-Electric Way

EcoWash is your friendly dishwasher/dinner-set holder that you can take along on picnics and camping trips. Combining the components of a bucket of water, cleaning brush, suds and drying, this compact portable machine is ideal for the outdoors. The crank handle works the inner machinery to rotate the dish rack for cleaning purposes. Water is sourced through a tap or a pipe and is expelled with the grime through a special release slot.

The optional rinse cycle works on the same principles but the drying system works using centrifugal force; a system similar to the function of a vegetable dryer. The washer clips on a set of four dinner plates and cutlery.

Although this design is intended for the outdoors, I think it will work just as well indoors, especial for those who want to combine a little bit of muscles workout to their daily routine.

Designer: David Stockton


  • Art says:

    I love this! I hope it makes it to market, because we need something like this for our homemade schoolbus RV.

  • anon says:

    a basic idea with glossy images. complete waste of time

  • sumi says:

    You mean throwing away the used cleaning liquid on the natural environment?

    Is it Eco…?

  • Daniel says:

    Using biodegradable detergents would solve that problem. I like it, great for camping!

  • eno says:

    as long as it is made sturdy enough to take the beating on a camping trip and still keep its weigth down i thing a lot of boyscouts would love this thing!

  • anon2 says:

    Nice concept. If you extend the crank through the far side of the casing, you could “chain” or plug 2 or 3 of these together for larger groups. Does not look like it would be difficult to adapt this to bicycle power, either.

    .. now put the project on Kickstarter so I can reserve mine! 🙂

  • thisguy says:

    i want one looks awesome!

  • boliyou says:

    I like the idea, but it’s missing 2 essential elements: bowls and spoons.

  • nypinstripes says:

    Just moved into a new place, an older building, no dishwasher gonna buy a portable one, they’re all right, much rather have this one

  • Camperman says:

    I love this – when o when will it be for sale!

  • ethan says:

    What a great idea , this is awesome, i also hope this hits the market soon.

  • Alisa says:

    I want to use my REI dividend on this!!

  • Bo says:

    I would use this at home. 😀

  • Rich says:

    When will this be available? Anyone heard anything?

  • Is there any way we could get a Kickstarter going for this design? I live in a rural community with irregular electricity and no running water. I’m tired of washing all of my dishes by hand. It wastes so much water and takes so much time.

  • M THOS says:

    need it

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