Energetic Windows

Solar Window is quite a clever design especially if appropriately placed. A transparent solar panel glazes the window and helps in harnessing the sun’s energy. Conveniently located plug-sockets and multi-tap, help hook up appliances and gadgets. A simple concept that can have very positive implications. Awesome!

Designers: Jun-se Kim, Yu-jin Cho & Yu-jin Lee


  • M.E. says:

    A transparent medium by definition cannot absorb light.


  • Andrew says:

    How can you have something that runs on photons be transparent? Just by intuition, I’d guess they would have to be translucent, at best. And even then, the more translucent the window, the lower the efficiency of the power generated.

  • SomeGuy says:

    Yes perfect.
    Enough room for the DC/AC convertor & batteries.
    And I can buy transparent solar panels in the local super market.

    Really , three designers for this ?

  • rhe says:

    I’d rather see solar panels built in the blinds, and have all windows connected to one battery which would act as free alternate power source. Having socket on every window doesn’t make much sense. But that would be quite a different concept. This one seems half-baked.

  • mukesh says:

    i am in india send me details for use in our area

  • design+ says:

    1. 투명한 솔러패널은 없습니다
    2. 저 작은 사이즈에 배터리와, 컨버터가 있다구요?
    3. 그리고 안타 깝게도 저작은 사이즈에서는 물 끌이기도 불가능 하답니다.
    4. 디자인은 말도 안돼는걸 대충 가저다가 놓은것이 아님니다, 분발하세요.

  • ana melo baptista says:

    how mutch? how can I buy one?

  • Mike says:

    With technologies like this and future innovations, hopefully we will see continued advances in sustainability, without giving up aesthetics

  • Arthurist says:

    Unless the future holds for us cells that allow photons to pass but harvest their energy efficiently, I doubt this would work.
    plus, wouldn’t it be wiser to connect all the windows to one battery system that connects directly to the main power grid? It’s more reasonable to plug something into a wall than into a window.

  • ... says:

    I live in Iran but because of good web sites do you use I congratulate you for having such a site

  • Arash says:

    OMG, That’s amazing.

  • blukos says:

    There are many types of radiation that you can use to generate energy in light, for example infrared radiation, which is not visible, but in fact contains energy too. The light transport UV radiation too, that is much more energetic that the visible one, and you are not able to see, are you?.
    Those are facts that you apparently don’t know about light.

  • Dave says:

    I am an electrician and have a degree in Solar technologies. Many companies are working on this very same thing. It will be great to have clear solar for windows and such. Even coatings on electric and hybrid cars for charging them. I do agree however that instead of plugging in an appliance directly into the window sill, they should all be connected to the main electric panel in the house. Solar doesn’t work very well @ night.

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