My Life Is An Open Tablet

Gadgets rule me! I am one of those people who get all gooey-eyed at the sight of slick concepts and the possibilities of a future where technology is so advanced that nothing is impossible; and of course robots can cry! This brings me to the near future where Tablets have evolved as the Lifebook Concept by Alan Donnelly. I’m already salivating at the specs! Hit jump to know more…

Tech Specs

  • Wirelessly access internet over Wifi or high speed 4g data connection
  • The built in camera senses hand movement like the Kinetic Movements, thus no need to touch the screen for controls
  • Two keyboards; one on the touch screen & one as a projection keyboard for typing
  • The leather flip case protects the screen when closed and holds the tablet up when open
  • The tablet runs on the new Windows 8 which allows for multiple desktops, you can be switched between them with the slide of your hand
  • The built in camera tracks eye movement so the screen is 3D or 2D, but with this technology you can also see more or less of the screen depending on what angle you look at it (like looking through a window)
  • There is no need for bulky chargers, the Lifebook can be charged of other PCs with a USB and also wirelessly charged trough induction charging when left on the pad
  • Data transfer is intuitive, leave a USB near or on top of the Lifebook and files appear on screen wirelessly
  • Do the same with a camera, pick and chose the ones you want to transfer
  • No need to plug in printer, just leave the tablet on top of a printer to print

Designer: Alan Donnelly