Sizzling Hot in a Ski Helmet!

Integral Studio Vinaccia had two issues to address when designing a Ski Helmet for the IDI brand: 1 – Feeling of heat and sweating; 2 – Ski Goggles that didn’t look so dorky and typical. To solve the problem they did a combination of retro and futuristic design with a wire mesh shell and integrated lens system. The result was the Zero5!

The first problem was solved with use of wire mesh, closed internally by a gorotex fabric, which allows the steam to go out, but not leave in the water. The second, with a smoke visor with anti-fog treatment, derived from the motorcycle world.

The IDI Zero5 Helmet comes with integrated lens, and a Cordura neck protector and is available in four colors: gold, silver, pearl, black.

Designer: Integral Studio Vinaccia for IDI (Innovazione Design Italia)