Two Showers In One

Water fixtures can make or break the bathing experience, and If you’re like me and need a shower to wake up in the morning, you know the importance of having a great showerhead. The In2ition shower offers a variety of experiences with it’s detachable center handshower. In position it merges with the main flow to create a serious drench. If you’re a multitasker, the handshower releases so you can give your bod the attention it deserves. This girl is looooooving it, and so will you. Get it here.

Designer: Manki Yoo


  • Massimo says:

    What's the point in having two showers in one? Taking them both will make you feel like playing maracas other than singing under the rain?

  • awesome add campaign!

  • Geoff says:

    That is ridiculous. Massimo is right, what's the point? Washing your dog while you're washing yourself?

  • dror says:

    the presentation is great and effective, but it can be assigned to any other shower head product

  • passenger says:

    The concept is good, let ppl have steady rains while washing somewhere underneath…
    However, the demo pictures do not show how it is good…

  • Steve Price says:

    A lot of my clients like to have a separate main showerhead (rain or pressured) plus a handheld (for shaving legs, cleaning the shower etc) the benefits to the In2ition system is that plumbing material and installation costs are substantially lower than installing the typical set-up, but you get the same benefits. The look is also more streamlined. (If you don't need those features I can see why you may not find it useful)

  • Ekove says:

    Hmm…this thing has been available in home depot for years; the same exact design :S

  • rodrigo says:

    this is nice, but I think i've seen this already though. and isn't there a water shortage going on? how much more water are you cnsuming when you use something like this. this is designed to make your bath last 40 minutes.

  • Yang says:

    this is already out there in the market isn't it?

  • xzibit says:

    Yo dawg, I herd you like showers. So I put a shower in your shower so you can shower while you shower.

  • DARA says:

    great design and ad campaign , however, theses days , we should look to save water rather than spending it …

  • chris says:

    i think the point is to wash behind your ball bag easier

  • chris says:

    i think the point is to wash behind your ball bag easier

  • MsKay says:

    You are obviously male. There are areas that clean a lot better with a handheld and you aren’t deprived of the shower warmth. It is also great when a partner is in the shower with you. You aren’t fighting for a spot under the water!

  • Daria says:

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