Spooning The Yogurt

Most often yogurt cups come with extra plastic spoons, which for the moment may seem handy, but are they really? Aww come on; get your eco-green-caps on! We need to re-think, for that matter Cho Hye-seung has already done that bit, and come up with the Yogurt Spoon Package Design. The top seal of the cup comes off and can be folded into the shape of a functional spoon. Now be honest, how many of you actually lick the yogurt stuck to the seal paper…isn’t this a more legit way of doing that?

Designer: Cho Hye-seung




Yogurt Spoon Package Design by Cho Hye-seung


  • Akolyte01 says:

    Or a much simpler, and all around better design: the go-gurt style squeeze tube.

    • reality says:

      the fact that it has a secondary clear top on it means you may as well have a regular top with a normal spoon attached. then the sharp looking spoon would not be needed.!

  • Arpita says:

    Well, the top surface of the lid will have to be washed before use, becasue when the lid is being used as a spoon, the top surface will dip into the yogurt and transfer impurities if it is not clean. Other than that, a practical and green idea. Nice!

  • Poornima Aggarwal says:

    Agree with the cleaning bit, espe with all the dust that might settle on it. But otherwise, very neat idea!!

  • cecja says:

    err… have you even looked? the lid is wraped in foil. So the top surface stays clean.

  • Rayne says:

    No those 2 obviously did not pay attention to the clear wrap over the lid.

  • tantan says:

    But,,, the wrap is wasteful, isn’t it?

  • KB says:

    it seems like a uncomfortable spoon due to its edge…

  • Shtanto says:

    Now this makes all kinds of sense. I doubt it’d be that much more expensive either. Just stamp the lids before you put them on the pots.

  • MissSpider says:

    Paper cut on the tongue!?!?! OUCH! ><

  • Tony Quant says:

    I think it’s very clever and I see this actually being sold in the near future. I don’t know aout other oriental countries but here in China yogurt is generally sold with plastic spoons, those are by far more wasteful. The only minor issue for me is the chinglish on the packaging.

  • Jreemygear says:

    Neat idea. To those who are saying that the plastic wrap is making this more wasteful: Assume that the alternative is to sell this with a plastic spoon included. This plastic spoon must be covered in plastic for health and safety reasons. You also still have to have the lid to keep the contents inside. so, now you have a yogurt container, the lid, a plastic spoon and the spoon’s wrapper. With this you have the container, the lid and a wrapper. No matter how you look at it, more plastic is used for the container that has the external spoon, at least the way I am looking at it.

    • Lude says:

      Exactly, the “spoon” made of a lid might not be 100% as useful as a normal plastic spoon, but we are talking about making less garbage and your coment is right on the money.

  • Nik says:

    This is a pretty sad way to eat any food. It makes me think of a crowded apocalyptic world in which humanity has degenerated and digressed. If this design is that great then using the plastic container to store small items would also be a cool thing. Is it really? It is not. Bottom line – one day we will swim in garbage because of our mindset.

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