Luxe Gaming Mouse

Next of Kin Creatives has gone back to the drawing board with their iconic Hydra gaming mouse, famous for it’s ribbed ventilation fins and customizable weight variations. This time the Hydra gets a snazzy makeover with the Luxe Fins edition that features a 24K gold plated removable weight band, and improved fins for cooling nervous palms. Don’t mess with the guy who’s rockin this. He means business.

Designer: Rodney Loh


  • Eno Mths Rasmussen says:

    tbh i would rather have a logitech g500…..

  • Bonfunk says:


  • yeti says:

    it's not a gaming mouse

  • Viallis says:

    hahaha… gold?
    what time is it?
    design looks cheap and ugly.
    of course, made in China

  • Mier says:

    the mouse looks confused!
    a gaming mouse but plated with gold?
    a gaming mouse but lacks gaming buttons?
    wow, and this is from a design consultancy??

  • nokgamer says:

    i think its cool and stems from the steampunk influences. move ahead and forget the conventional!

  • Jox says:

    Sounds like just superficial comments.
    I wish there could be more visuals for us to enjoy which I finally found them @ the their website.
    That surely is more in-depth and convince me as a cool gaming mouse with customizable weights housed in a 'dangerous' catridge. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  • Jey says:

    this is definetly not a gaming mouse !

  • Manik says:

    cool! looks expensive

  • noriko83 says:


  • spex says:

    hi can you provide more information on where this can be bought?

  • Sean 700 says:

    Rondy, the design looks cool.


  • Bonfunk says:

    Design is awful. I mean have you ever been playing any game in a hardcore way? Cmon… First investigate the subject and then try to design something new for it. Google razer Naga or smthing.

  • Grey says:


  • Anonymous says:

    what is this exactly???

  • cruxjeu says:

    SEXY!! interesting idea

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