16.5 Lb Room

The Light-room is a conceptual interior that addresses the underestimated idea of lightness as a sustainable solution. Composed of materials such as kevlar, silk, aluminum, and woven dyneema, individual pieces were designed to reduce energy consumption during production and transport, and minimize the use of materials without sacrificing style.

Designer: Bram Greenen

The Dyneema Chair- dyneema composite textile, knitted fabric
Tensile Table- silk, kevlar
Gridshelf- dyneema tensional cables, aluminum, glassfiber
SLS-Chair- glass-filled nylon
Gaudi Stool- dyneema composite


  • moreno says:


  • 非常简约的设计呀

  • Mike Barnard says:

    Interesting. Very expensive pieces of course. The chairs are made using 3d printing technology and carbon fibre; not cheap. They're probably the most successful at their purposes. The resined silk / honeycomb laminate table might be structurally sound, but my instinct is that it would be pretty fragile and the surface would not be stable. The shelves are high-tension fabric so share the challenge of unstable surfaces, but the larger problem is putting anything on them through the web of tensioning wires.

    Given that the designers were specifically working to find the lightest weight solutions to common furniture needs regardless of expense and other practical implications, these are very interesting early steps in a design aesthetic that has potential.

  • Danny says:

    Imagine the impact of IKEA deciding to persuade lightness in their products..

  • This is really a great concept. Sustainability in design is often overlooked, so it's nice to see designers that focus on how they can improve the environment. I agree with Danny, if big-name furniture stores started shifting their focus there would be a drastic reduction of their carbon footprint.

  • I love IT! This is really one of the simplest and greatest works of pure craftsmanship.
    Just classy!

  • Thanks for this articel,I like this ..

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