The Tesla Cybertruck won’t deliver before 2022, but Hot Wheels has an RC Cybertruck you can buy today!

Designed at 1:10th scale, Mattel’s Cybertruck replica comes with its own remote control as well as a Cyberquad. As far as I can tell, the windows on the toy pickup truck break much more easily…

Mattel’s 1:10 RC Cybertruck comes with that unmistakably polarizing design, authentic wheels + tire treads, working head and taillights, and a flat-bed that’s big enough to fit its free-rolling Cyberquad. The truck itself is controlled by a pretty neat-looking controller that mimics the shape of the Cybertruck’s own steering wheel, and allows you to operate the truck up to 12 MPH (which may seem paltry at first, but it makes Mattel’s Cybertruck one of the fasted remote-controlled cars on the market).

The RC Cybertruck’s available on Mattel’s website (you don’t need to wait till 2022 for yours)… and at just $100, it’s about the same price as the real Cybertruck’s preorder. You know, the refundable preorder that you can definitely cancel for this delightfully wicked RC truck?

Designer: Mattel (Hot Wheels)