The Balancing Act

My mother is totally dependent on using a walking stick and still, has moments of pain using it. To make it a more comfortable experience, we have here the Balance Stick. It’s been designed to stand on its own and doesn’t fall over if you don’t lean it up against the wall – always at the ready to so your loved ones don’t have to pick it up.

The Balance Stick is a 2011 iF concept design entry.

Designers: Cheng-Tsung Feng & Yu-Ting Cheng


  • ken says:

    How much does balance stick weigh?

  • anfloni says:

    excellent idea

  • SNTAN says:

    This is great – useful features. When will it be available and where to buy it? Oh yes, is it heavy?

  • everlastingz says:

    you realise that in the event where i need to use weight on the walking stick, the stick would most likely tilt forward because the rubber base is NOT flat?

    – from an experienced user of a walking stick

  • harris says:

    It seems to sacrifice “main functionality” for “additional benefit” because of its weight and bad weight balance…

    Imagine a walking stick with a dumbbell bound on its tip…

  • greg says:

    everlastingz & harris, you talk like you actually used this item. When you mostly likely didn't, you are just making assumptions. For all you know the end of the walking stick could be made out of a material which becomes flat after applying force e.g. putting weight on it. There are many materials out there can support human weight and still be light too. So please make constructive comments after you actually used it or don't make assumptions

  • randolph says:

    This is a fantastic idea! It's just like a giant Weeble, lol!

  • randolph says:

    This is a fantastic idea! It's just like a giant Weeble, lol!

  • Subbiah says:

    U deserve an award for this. U should market this more. The impact on the end user is just phenomenal.

  • Hunter says:

    The product is merely a design concept. No one has ever used it, except perhaps the designer. At this point, constructive criticism is crucial.

  • Anita Ward says:

    I want to purchase this walking stick, but am unable to find out what company sells it. Please provide info for purchasing!
    Thank you, Anita Ward

  • Trudy Couvee says:

    Where is this item for sale?
    Trudy Couvee, Raco Holland

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