All American Wood

Some days you just have to go simple. I know that you know if you read posts by me specifically, you’ll find a lot of flipping out over how amazing simple design can be. Minimalistic design is my favorite. Today, I’m privileged to present a bench so simplified, I don’t think there’s a way to improve upon it. How about that? This is the all wood BOTANIST bench, from Orange22.

There are two finish options available on this simple sitter, one Satin Walnut Finish (BOT-BEN-WAL), the other Satin Rift Oak Finish (BOT-BEN-RIFT), and both are made of sustainably cut wood (which I assume here means it was made from trees that were cut down and replaced by new trees,) and are completely American made. 

Dimensions: 60L x 18D x 18H 55LBS

Designer: Orange22 Design Lab