Nice Coat… Nice Purse!

Wait for it… it’s a coat! Wait for it… it’s a sack! There’s almost nothing I like better than a good transformer when it comes to industrial design. You know I love it when one item adds something simple and gains a whole new level of usefulness. It’s a whole new world when two items combine into one – case in point: “Wear Me Bag” by Rotem Lewinsohn, a lovely fashion accessory that can convert into a carrier.

Then, as it gets hotter during the day, the additional layers of clothing you take off can go IN to the bag. How convenient! The idea for this piece of neatness came when Lewinsohn was in the grocery store, deciding what method could be used to gather then transport all that food – a heavy cart, or an environmentally unfriendly nylon bag? Turns out there was a third option – a brand new option that Lewinsohn would design! Wear Me Bag to the rescue!

Department of Jewelry & Fashion, Bezalel Academy of Art & Design

Designer: Rotem Lewinsohn