Time Table Mixer

Would that this table were a time table! Oh, but it is. Partially recycled and partially newly made, this table is but a time table, taken here and there from points in design, oh the frankensteining is immense! Designer Jody Racicot uses rich mahogany (just like Ron Burgundy), teak, and ebony in his works, his works which use this old/new method and have most recently burst forth this magical end table. “I believe it is my obligation to make an object as useful as it is beautiful” he says, wielding bits of furniture like a master craftstman.

In this end table, old chrome steel legs from an elder table are re-used, attached to a newly formed end table that now is more than the sum of its parts without a doubt. Racicot goes on, “I love the style of the furniture that surrounded me growing up. I remember our home had a knockoff Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair, an Eames rocker, and lots of chrome.” Truly you can see the influence.

Behold this and the rest of Racicot’s designed collection at his website over at MODERNREVISION. What a rock and roll process!

Designer: Jody Racicot of MODERNREVISION