One Gigantic White Cabinet

The cool folks over at KINZO are expanding their office furniture series “KINZO AIR” which we’ve written about before. Now here’s a feature on the cabinet by the name of AIR CABIN. It’s a giant brick, a fantastic monolith which opens up to reveal an abundance of space for all your office supplies and/or whatever else you’d love to stack inside. This AIR CABIN is a low sideboard filing cabinet that “swallows up to 90 files” and hides them away in a piece of furniture that works more like a piece of architecture than a moveable construction.

There’s a handle up top and center, all sides are smooth satin MDF surfaces with flush-mounted sliding doors with no less than a state-of-the-art lift and slide mechanism. Both doors are lifted into their open “parking position” for insertion and organization, closed for the mega block.

Designer: KINZO