Scandinavian design-inspired portable cabin that looks good from every angle

Unlike the SpaceX astronauts, we can’t leave this planet and 2020 behind, so we do the next best thing – get a tiny mobile home, and that way at least you can deal with your problems while having a good view. It also makes quarantine easier if you live in a big city. Tiny homes have so many advantages and their popularity is only rising, unlike their square footage. The Base Cabin is a perfect picture of the modern tiny home with its minimal Scandinavian aesthetic and sleek build.

Studio Edwards’ Base Cabin gives the micro-living designs a whole new angle – literally! The angular shape of this tiny house on wheels makes it stand out while still being subtle. Inspired by the typical A-frame cabins in the woods and airstream trailers, this little home is built on a tri-axle trailer. “The A-frame is structurally efficient and uses less material than conventional portal framed buildings. Mute in its appearance and clad in black rubber makes it blend into its surroundings,” says the team.

Don’t be fooled by its size, the Base Cabin comes fully equipped with a queen-size bedroom, living room, bathroom, and kitchenette. The angular paneling makes for a cozy bedroom setting with the A-frame roof. The roof lights help conserve energy and the accordion-like windows open up completely to make the home more spacious and airy. It is perfect for minimalists or anyone who is looking for a change of space, view, and possibly people after quarantine. Tiny homes and huge advantages!

Designer: Studio Edwards