Modularity in the Kitchen

Behold, Faucet Modular tiles by designer Daniela Bekerman. In your kitchen you’ll have faucet and it’s environment, soap diash, dish rack, everything you’ve dreamed of in a kitchen and never had plugged into the wall. All of it, now modular. That’s the future, that is what’s going to happen. Everything will plug into everything else and everything will work – right? Bekerman wishes it so!

With these tiles, you have control over how your kitchen is designed, allowing you to keep it truly clean by taking all the bits out at any time. The faucet is able to be pulled out from the tile wall with the hose, and it’s got a silicone button for different water intensities. Soap can be filled in through a silicone hole in the wall, dispensed then below with another big button. Finally, the dish rack is made of aluminum covered silicone with an antislip cover for the dishes that can be taken out to increase the space between the dishes. Fun stuff!

Designers: Daniela Bekerman