Supersonic Stick on the Wrist for Blind People

It is very rare that I use the title of the project as the title of the post, but this one is just too magically perfect not to do that. This project goes by the incredibly long name “Supersonic Stick on the Wrist for Blind People” and it rocks. It uses “supersonic signals” aka sonar to both send out signals and receive them when they bounce back, giving then warning to the user of oncoming danger through sounds and vibrations.

The beauty in this project lies in the simplicity. Think first of being able to see everything around you. Then think about not being able to see anything. Then think about how wonderful it would be to have an object so simple it can fit in your hand give you another sense to replace the one you lost. Not quite as good as eyes, but it’s certainly something.

Designer: Minhye Kim