Fixies with Drinksies

All you bikers of the world, raise your glasses up high, then put them back down on the coaster because otherwise you’ll ruin the table! The project you’re looking at right now is called Crank Coasters, and like the majority of the really rocking projects we share here at Yanko, this one’s conceptual. The designer’s got the whole plan planned out, but he’s looking for a way to produce these cranks. Got any hard cold cash to throw his way?

The designer notes that even after hundreds of years of advancements in every nook and cranny of our everyday lives, you still notice furniture that’s going to absorb the water ring from the bottom of your glass. Truth! I think it’s because non-finished furniture feels nicer on my skin. But lo! I would like a few nice unbreakable solid steel (16 gauge cold-rolled steel) powder color coated 4″ wide with a non-slip rubber bottom bike crank coasters. Wouldn’t you? Take a walk over to KickStarter to kick this thang into action.

Designer: Tom Baker