Tunneling Toward Comfort

Behold a whole new way of thinking about furniture. These bits are called “Tunnels” and they’re designed by a really radical designer by the name of Noga Berman. Each of these lovelies (a stool and a bedlike apparatus in this post,) lets you slip in and out of hiding spaces as easily as you were able as a tiny child. In fact, one of the major inspirations for this collection for designer Noga Berman was observing children playing that classic game: hide and seek!

Here you observe two lovely bits of furniture with the same sort of intention: to hide! In the stool you’re only going to be able to hide your books, your head, or your bunny rabbit. In the bed though, wow! You can hide so much more than that. it’s so big you could hide some activities in there! Both of these objects are created using a technology involving bending metal tubes and wood etching. Elastic bands are then wrapped around these materials and closed with velcro.

A refreshing approach toward creating furniture that’s very obviously had some sweat and heart put into it.

Designer: Noga Berman