Supernatural Coke!

I’m not getting you high on any abusive substance here, but simply telling you about a new spiritual form of the ever-famous Coca Cola. Lovingly called the Mystic, this new package boasts of “sexy lines”, “sculpted body”, and “loving silhouette”. It’s not an attempt to get Eco Friendly, but just an exercise to bring happiness in 3 dimensions!

Jérôme Olivet wants to make clear that the bottle MYSTIC that he has created and presented on his website as being “the new Coca-Cola bottle” has in fact not been ordered by The Coca-Cola Company.

In any case, this is not the new Coca-Cola bottle.

Any reproduction of the trademarks owned by The Coca-Cola Company requires its prior written authorisation, Jérôme Olivet has consequently withdrawn any representation of the bottle MYSTIC that reproduced those trademarks and undertakes not to use them in the future without the agreement of The Coca-Cola Company.

For its part, the Coca-Cola Company specifies that the reproduction of its trademarks is not allowed without its prior written agreement, that it is not and has never been a client of Jérôme Olivet, contrary to what is stated on his website abovementioned, and that it does not intend to date to use the bottle MYSTIC.

Designer: Jerome Olivet

[youtube: 605 455]