Non-drip Umbrella

The purpose of the Mohock Smart Umbrella is to get rid of disposable bags for carrying wet umbrellas and making sure you don’t lose them. The first achieved with a handle redesign, where it’s thick and wide enough to take in the dripping water by placing the umbrella upright. And to ensure that you don’t forget it anywhere, a unique top attachment has been crafted, so that you can hang it off a table. Love the attractive colors that it comes in, plus the three-fold and two-fold options. One question Mr. Designer….when can I buy one?

  • The handle functions as a water catcher. This prevents dripping, eliminating the need for disposable bags.
  • Users can always hang it close by, reducing the chance of losing them.
  • It can be hung at the edge of a table or on a hook.
  • It is similar to a standard 3 – folding umbrella in size, but the large handle ensures a stable grip.
  • The water collected inside the handle will evaporate over time, or it can be dumped after use.

Designer: Ju Hyun Lee