For The Seven Dwarfs

For some odd reason the seven dwarfs used to go mining at night and I reckon they could put this Light Shovel to good use! Jokes aside, I think it is a clever idea to integrate lighting into the shovel stick. It could come in handy in mines or when for you have to use it at night. Plus if we can get it to somehow trap kinetic energy and put it to some use, it would be great! For now the concept looks it can be tweaked and toyed upon.

Light Shovel is a 2012 iF Design Talents Entry.

Designer: Shenfen Wang



  • Great for burying bodies!

  • Rob says:

    When you’re working in the dark, you need your light to shine where your eyes are looking. That’s why the headlamp is so popular. This would be better if it just charged the spare battery for your headlamp. Don’t think too lofty, the best solutions are often the next logical step, just look at what Apple does…

  • Tomasz Kuczaj says:

    It has rounded edges, beware of Apple lawyers lol

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