All The World’s On Time

Finally there is an elegant clock that tells time around the entire world at once. Finally I can look and say – oh, I know what time it is for Takashi, oh, I know that Radhika is probably eating pizza right now, oh, my other co-workers are more than likely on their way to the movies. Oh, this amazing clock tells me everything around the world. This is the “Bend Hand,” designed by Giha Woo, intended to tell the time around the world with a simple analog clock arm – one that’s bent. Look at the simplicity and marvel over the excellence and nice blue color.

Each city on the clock is represented by the dot on the hand. For example: London is furthest out from the center, so the dot at the end of the arm is the one you want to look at to find out which hour it is. Wellington is also furthest out, so it’s the same time, but while London is in the AM, Wellington is in the PM.

Woo wants us to think thusly: “Although the world exists in different time zones, we’re always moving together without pause.” What a lovely message from such a genius designer. Woo ha! Giha’s got you all in check.

Designer: Giha Woo