Battery Time Included

Let’s discuss the pieces of a clock, shall we? There’s the front, which has at least one hand, then more than likely 12 tics around the edge to show the hour. Between the front and the back there is a mechanism which turns the clock hand or hands, then on the back this mechanism reveals itself to either be activated by winding, socket power, or battery. What if this perfectly tiny amount of elements could be reduced even further? Designer Giha Woo thinks so, taking away completely the tics on the front, replacing the hands of the clock with the batteries that run it!

How super, how modern. Apartments around the world are stripped down to their bare essentials, pipes and lines showing all over, and sold for twice the price. Grandmother’s wooden shelves with lace padding are converted to a single metal piece. Skateboards that’ve always had four wheels are reduced to a perfect two. Welcome to the future of minimalistic stripping of parts. It’s so pretty, bare, and essential.

Woo calls this clock the “Front and Back” because really, who says one has to be one and the other not the other? Woo is that kind of switcher. Keep on flipping, Woo!

Designer: Giha Woo