Lace and Steel Grandmother

This is the “Granny” wall shelf as designed by Beerd van Stokkum. It’s a shelf recalling a classic tradition of grandmother’s shelf with a cute little doily hanging off the side. Nostalgic nature and cut-steel construction. It’s strong enough to hold up a number of large objects, ideal for books, plants, pots, or even a medium sized television. Granny wall shelf is 85 cm long and 22.5 cm deep. It comes in black or white, finished with a finely structured UV proof powder coating. It’s got a lightly grained feel and a deep matt look.

Granny works inside or outside, its structure being safe for both, but watch out to make sure you use stainless steel screws if you’re going for the outdoor option. The shelf needs only 2 screws, Granny using a blind method of hanging, the screws being hidden neatly behind the supports. Made in Holland, guaranteed to be produced in a way that’s fair and efficient for the workers and the environment.

Designer: Beerd van Stokkum