Cradle yourself in luxury of the Porsche Gaming Chair designed to comfort your posture through long gaming sessions

Considering the scale at which the gaming industry is growing, a parallel furniture and accessories market is only going to see an upsurge. In that wake, everyone, whether widely known or not, is going to jump onto the bandwagon with their own comfortable, high-quality designs. The Recaro x Porsche Gaming Chair is a fascinating example of this, where the two companies are combining their expertise to create a premium seat for long, unperturbed gaming sessions.

This exclusive Porsche gaming chair designed in collaboration with Recaro Gaming is like any ordinary chair with an adjustable headrest, lumber support, and adaptable armrests. It tends to sway the gamer’s opinion however with its luxury exuding high-quality finish and Porsche branding to go with it.

Designer: Porsche Design and Recaro Gaming

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In addition to the lux, the chair is a comfy seat for longest-performance gaming sessions or a home office that deserves auto-inspired furniture for obvious reasons. This exquisite gaming chair is designed by Studio F.A. Porsche and is made exclusively in Germany.

With the idea to present some competition to the likes of Herman Miller and Secretlab, the Porsche gaming chair features full-back support. The use of high-end materials makes the gaming chair a work of art, which gamers are bound to love for a few reasons.

It starts with the headrest embroidered with the Porsche logo on the inside while the Recaro branding graces the back of the adjustable headrest. The ergonomic seat is upholstered in foam and features a breathable mesh so that you don’t break a sweat while racing your fiercest competitor in the virtual world.

Lumbar support gives the seated gamer a relaxed posture and comfort to the back. The support is adjustable to gamer’s personal seating needs. In spite of all the abovementioned traits, the highlight is the chair’s unique 5D armrest, which features numerous adjustments to allow the occupant to find the right position for their comfort while gaming on the console or a mobile phone.

Featuring a payload capacity of 150kg, the Recaro x Porsche Gaming Chair is strictly limited to 911 pieces and is now available for pre-order at $2,499.