Jarvis that brews perfect coffee? Yes Please!

Coffee isn’t a drink. It’s a hug… And a hug done right can save the day, can’t it! When I say ‘done right’, I mean the entire ritual. None of that coffee-pod Nespresso hokum. A coffee bean is a relic and must be treated as such. The beans need to be freshly roasted, ground, and the coffee then prepared according to the origin and tradition of the beans. Sounds like something your local favorite barista would do, right? How about if that local favorite barista could live inside your home, in your kitchen, making the best coffee you ever tasted? Everyday?

The Spinn coffee machine is designed to bring the entire ceremony of preparing coffee the ‘right’ way, all the way to your home, allowing you to get the best cup of coffee with the simple push of a button right in your home. Spinn takes care of everything and with absolute finesse. It ditches the coffee pod approach for the real deal. Beans. Buy your favorite brew and empty them into the Spinn’s upper tank. The beans are ground and brewed using a proprietary spinning method to extract every bit of flavor from them, giving the brew a creamy dreamy consistency. Even the water used for preparing the brew is nano-filtered to give you sheer quality. The bean you choose also has an effect on the mouthfeel of the coffee and Spinn familiarizes itself with that. Once you empty the beans into the upper tank, Spinn downloads all the recipes it is capable of creating. It uses a spinning cylinder (capable of temperature and pressure control) to agitate the ground beans and water. The cylinder is spun slower for full-cup black coffee, and faster for a shot of espressp (talk about being an expert!). You can have your brews prepared remotely via your smartphone, or even speak to the Spinn telling it what you want to drink. If you’re the old fashioned kind, Spinn comes with a capacitive touch panel that gives you that perfect cup at just the touch of a button. Spinn even tells you when you’re running out of coffee, allowing you to order more of your favorite beans through the Spinn app. Spinn takes care of everything; literally the only thing you have to worry about is curbing your coffee addiction because your brews are so spectacular!

Spinn isn’t just an ace coffee brewer. It’s good for the planet too. Since beans are being manually crushed, there’s no plastic pod disposal involved. Plus, the used coffee grounds work wonders on your soil, making a great pH-neutral fertilizer. Each cup of coffee even works out cheaper because the beans are being crushed by the machine, as per your cup/recipe requirements.

Spinn brings absolute coffee mastery to your home. Everyone deserves the perfect cup of coffee, right? Because coffee is a hug… And a hug done right can save the day!

Designers: Serge de Warrimont & Martin Binkhorst

Buy It Here: $299 $499