Check Yourself

A reaction to a reaction, that’s what this is. I’d even go so far as to say this is a reaction to a reaction to a reaction. That’s where it gets really good in art, especially good in design. This project goes by the name “Reputation Check” and it comes in two parts: Acoustic and Graphic. Both are inspired by what designer Hayeon Yoo calls the side-effects of internet communication: anonymous, malicious comments tied with people’s obsession with checking their online reputation.

These two instruments explore “alternative sensory experience design,” creating a new level of interaction between the user and these otherwise “informal but influential” or what I’d say are influential yet untouchable pieces of data and information.

The Acoustic Instrument speaks comments left for you on the internet. Volume of traffic directly affects the speed at which the comments are read. If you’re interested in the comment, the colored element of the instrument can be slid in or out to adjust the speed to hear the content at an understandable rate.

The Graphic Instrument displays comments from the internet in text form. The first step shows the most common words. Number of pixels represent amount of traffic on checked websites. Sliding the colored element adjusts the size of the letters, allowing you to read phrases otherwise rendered illegible.

Designer: Hayeon Yoo