Sitting on Transparency

Designer Zbigniew Strzebonski set himself up a challenge: to translate a piece of urban architecture into a small bit of interior architecture. In this case, a seat. A seat to start with and a seat to finish. The start was a lovely row of seats sitting in the tram stations of Dublin. The end product is a fabulous see-through seat called “The Arc Chair,” with a surprising splash of green! Made out of a 10mm thick acrylic sheet, 20mm plywood, foam, and felt. Straight outta Poland AND Ireland.

The final shape of the arc was formed with a CNC router in the Klearex factory in Balydoil (Dublin, Ireland.) The final shape of the chair body was made using thermoforming technology. Strzebonski informs us that the most effective way he’s found to make it is by jet cutting and multimould formers. Very fun techniques for a really wild chair, the most basic and essential of sculptures for a modern industrial designer.

Dimensions: H 720mm, D 450mm, W 740mm

Designer: Zbigniew Strzebonski


  • Aside from green is my favorite color, I like the chair itself. It is beyond the contemporary. I love it.

  • Aside from green is my favorite color, I like the chair itself. It is beyond the contemporary. I love it.

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