The Holding of All Apple

On the now-defunct television comedy series “Kids in the Hall,” actor Dave Foley, playing a bad doctor, said, “There are specialists who have their whole career based on my referrals!” He was making fun of the idea. For Apple, it’s dead serious. Hundreds and thousands of people have made their career of making Apple-compatible products. Some of them aren’t the best, but then there’s those that stand out and do more than justice to the products they accessorize – this is one of em.

The Combine Collective Deluxe Tray. Made to hold your keyboard, your remote, and your trackpad. You know what’d go great with this I bet? This Docking and Storage Base by Yaser Alhamyari. Isn’t it funny how fabulous design compliments fabulous design? High five!

Also you’ll notice that all three items here are Mac wireless interfaces. Combine Collective has several other trays like this, this one being the most comprehensive of the collection. The entirety of the product is sustainably designed and produced, the tray being made of whole and solid-joined hardwoods, water based glue, and a food safe oil finish. The wood is black walnut, sustainably harvested in North America, constructed in Vancouver, Canada by local artists.

Designer: Combine Collective