Superfast Rescue Tube

The Rescue Tube is meant for the fishermen folk who brave the high seas every single day. As a part of their routine they are supposed to wear life vests but many ignore this as it causes restricted movements. Rescue Tube on the other hand is a simple latch-clasp that can be hooked to the clothes as a normal buckle. It doesn’t pose as an obstruction. During an emergency situation you simply tug at the lower clasp to inflate the tube instantaneously, maneuver it around your neck and it’s ready to be used!

If you ask me, I think this idea can be further refined if it has a clasp on the free-end, to secure it to your clothes. When you are in a desperate situation, I’m sure having free hands for swimming is better than restricting them to holding onto the tube.

Designer: Baek Mi Young

[youtube: 605 445]