One to Four Seater

The following car aims to do the following things, all at once: provide a new luxury experience and a new way of driving. Be a family car OR a personal car at any given time. Be a smart solution for the everyday tasks of the owner. Be a space for relaxation – a part of people’s living space. This is the “Volkswagen Inside.” A new luxury concept for Volkswagen, by designer Mate Bartha. A transformable luxury electric car, customizable for 4 person, 2 person, or 1 person use in seconds.

The top of the car is a large glass surface, sort of like an extension of what we know now as the sunroof. Relaxing is what is it. Smooth, dynamic lines fill the Inside, four electric wheel engines roll it along. These electric wheel engines are based on Michelins Active Wheel System, using Nanowire Lithium-Ion batteries.

Instead of just a steering wheel, all the controls to the car are attached to the driver seat, working on a drive by wire system. The car can transform from a normal, everyday 4 seat car to a 1 seater, with the driver sitting in the center of the vehicle. Comfortable and simplified.

Designer: Mate Bartha