Camper van with space-saving indoor shower and Starlink internet is designed for extended days on road

Living, Working, and Traveling have a new definition in 2024. Once, all three were separate entities; where you lived wasn’t where you worked, or where you worked you didn’t travel. But with trailers and camper vans, the entire definition is altering. Now, where you live is where you work, and where you work is where you travel. Based out of Cincinnati, Remote Vans has been making this transformation come real since 2021 and it’s reached a new high in 2024 with three new models—Friday, Oasis and Aegis.

The three Remote Vans variants are built on Mercedes Sprinter chassis with “power, comfort and connectivity” at the forefront. Born at the company’s new 30,000-square-foot production facility, all of the Friday, Oasis and Aegis are designed and fabricated in the factory except for slight metalwork carried out by a local vendor. While power comes from the Sprinter, comfort is ensured by the Remote Vans’ experience in Class B motorhomes, and connectivity is provided with Starlink high-speed internet. All of it is powered by a massive power bank, which can either juice up electrically or using a 190 watts solar panels.

Designer: Remote Vans

Remote Vans is making inroads in the RV market now with some customized features that should put it in a different league from its competitors. For instance, the new Friday, Oasis and Aegis arrive with a company-built shower pan (recirculating and collapsible shower system), freshwater tank and other befitting features like Espar hydronic water and air heating system to make camping for extended time fun in them.

The new power bank – comprising a 16.8-kWh 51-V Lithionics battery and a 3,000W inverter – onboard these Remote Vans models comes with 60 percent more storage than in the previous models. It takes care of the power needs of an efficient 48-volt air conditioner that can run for days on portable energy. All three variants with features onboard are ideal for both small and grand expeditions but the base model Friday lacks some premium features like a suspension kit, long-range fuel tanks, and an option for additional solar panels that Oasis and Aegis do.

Friday, starting at $205,000 and includes a kitchen, queen bed, 90-degree swing seat, internal shower, portable toilet, roof rack, and awning. On the entry, you have a comfortable and warm living space, saturated with a legless bed, a scratch-proof kitchen, an overhead shelf, and lightweight upper cabinets. The kitchen comprising a countertop, induction cooktop, microwave, minimalist drawers, sink, and fridge is easily accessible from inside or outside of the van.

The queen-size Bascule Bed is designed to folds-up during the day to provide 17.4 sqft of unobstructed garage space beneath when required, while the interesting swivel seats and fold-out swivel table make possible multiple, remote workstation setups or dining possibilities on the go. The base essentials of the Friday remain the same for Oasis and Aegis, while some additional features spike up the price for the latter two camper vans.