Scootin’ High Again

There was an insane scooter craze a few years back. Everybody and their pal had a scooter, and they were scooting everywhere from the front driveway to the mall parking lot. The population of the USA scooted so much and so hard that the craze never went away. It’s not quite as huge a craze as it once was, but it’s still wild. It might just go bonkers once more when the “X-Scooter” is released unto the population. Why, you might ask? Because it has not just the standard two wheels and a handlebar, nay! It has three.

This is a replacement that you can use. Provided you haven’t just destroyed one of your first two tires, you can do some wild tricks and ride on all three. And what’s that on the sides of the wheels? Pegs! Brilliant! I remember riding one of these scooters when the craze first hit – I was crashing and falling all over the place because the handle turned the front wheel too easily. That’d never happen if I could put my foot by the wheel. And if THAT weren’t enough, this scooter comes with a camera pocket you can fit your camera in and use to take realtime photos. Go! And do the sweet tricks! Go! And take the sweet pics!

Designer: Boaz Lazar