The Shape of Things to Call…

Yes yes we know, home phones are nearly a thing of the past. With more and more of us opting for our mobile phones as our sole means of telecommunications, the home phone has almost gone the way of the VCR. Designer Zinc Chan believes the home phone still has life in it and has concocted this fun and beautiful means to communicate. Forget those pesky numbers usually associated with making a call, with Zinc’s design you simply draw the associated shape of the person you want to call and the phone dials them. Looking a lot like a constellation map, the shapes that you draw are merely points of light with numeric assignments. As if that feature was not interesting enough, Zinc also created a handset that attaches directly onto your thumb and pinky creating the Hawaiian “Shaka” hand gesture. Aloha!

Designer: Zinc Chan [ Via: Core 77 ]


  • Strange Quark Star says:



    No, seriously, this thing is near perfect (the speaker and mic are too clunky).

    • powers says:

      Form factor could indeed be much smaller. But really? I think the concept would really be better as a futuristic mobile phone – as jewelry one wears on the end of the finger. This system would just not fly in a typical home. There might be a niche though.

  • Clickflashdan says:

    As cool as this looks it seems to problematic for me. I am one of those people who don’t like constantly holding a phone to their head and usually do the head shoulder rest.So the whole finger thing wont work and I get angry to easily dialing like that would just aggravate me more

  • zippyflounder says:

    ya know fingers and thumbs come in a huge range of sizes, so its likely to slip off or get STUCK…look sorta funny walking around with 2 salt shakers on your fingers all day LOL.

  • JUNIY says:


  • wellso says:

    this idea is cute..
    but I think your fingers will be tried after a long call… =)

    ps 你好似系香港人喔

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