Never Ending Pencil

To cut a long story short, what we have here is a simple writing tool called the Continuous Pencil, which can be used till the very end. We usually end up discarding pencil stubs…I know my children waste too many saying that short pencils are uncomfortable to hold. So basically you keep increasing the length of your stubs with a handy interim-headless-long stick that fits snugly into its rear. Quite simple and straight, but is it a refinement of the 1 + 1 Pencil?

The Continuous Pencil won an iF Concept Design this year!

Designers: U Jung Heo, Young Gag Han & Sa Yoeng Kim


  • Rowan says:

    This isn’t going to work? What happens when the tip runs out? You have a pencil, with no tip.

  • Jenni says:

    Or you could just use a mechanical pencil… Because they last forever.. And you can just replace the lead. Stupid humans…

  • Omega says:

    I have a Continuos Pencil… It’s called a Mechanical. You just add more lead to it when you run out, it’s crazy!! And you don’t even have to kill any trees in the process. 😐

  • LordofALLleadgraphite says:

    Holy scribble chitz! what a bunch of high minded wacky spoiled overdrafting drawknockers!It is simply astonishing to pleasantly view great art right up to the comments sections……LOL.
    Abe Lincoln knew the value of being able to mark!
    He used charcoal from the fire pit to write on the back of a shovel………………”Ithh snot artif is mechanickellllllllll!” ru effn kidding me?

    If any of you truly suffered for want of something to write with you wouldnt be wasting so much time on your annonymouskeypads complaining about each other,you’d be out drawing with all the invented implements you’d have developed.This country needs some real hardship once again to remind some of how truly great we have it just breathing good old air.does a baby complain about what 7th graders draw with?No!He finds the closest naturel element and drawws on the wall with his own shit instead of whining and crying fowl.HAhahahah o.k. that went too far……….ukwim!

  • StormRhyder says:

    *sneers at “elitist” attitudes…
    & waits ta be sneered by elitists*

  • Ben says:

    wtf is the big deal? why argue over pencils? if you like mechanical, use mechanical, wood? use wood, i swear you people argue over the stupidest shit.

  • Ben says:

    P.S. Congrats to those of you who are art Students, but learning to be an artist does not make you an expert on art tools. best of luck in school.

  • NORFLDORF says:


  • WINK says:

    Usually I would commend any design work as there is no real wrong.

    Here I find that the designer has overlooked how one would sharpen the pencils once they have been connected. ie – When you reach the bridge portion, the shape of the sharpener will prevent you from not only sharpening the old pencil but also the ‘continuos’ pencil.

  • Vince says:

    Why not make the Inner joint made of graphite? Then you could just sharpen it down continuously. With this design it requires two separate pieces be manufactured. if they were just identical with a hexagonal graphite core they could be attached and then sharpened, all pieces would be identical. Could save on manufacturing.

  • jeremy reus says:

    I always use mechanical pencils, but i wish they could create a pencil that does not need sharpening.

  • jon says:

    Just saying… art students should know the difference between a mechanical pencil and a drawing pencil. There is a reason that drawing pencils have those little numbers and letters on them. They stand for the heaviness of the graphite. Having multiple drawing pencils from lighter shades to heavier shades really comes in handy if you’re planning for your finished piece to be in graphite. Other than that mechanical pencils are actually nice for sketches but if you work in graphite a lot this idea is actually pretty clever. So don’t hate people, appreciate.

  • Nicole Vega says:

    Where would someone get one of these pencils? 😀

  • Mr Correct says:

    Someone should invent a pencil that has some kind of tube in it, so you can place the lead in it and all you have to do is keep inserting leads, and there will be no waste..

    Call it a mechanized pencil or something.. 100% green..

  • I’m just wondering how this is supposed to “save the planet”.

  • Limey says:

    Don’t forget professional artists as well.

  • axiom1750 says:

    I like 100% green. especially wrapped with little thin sheets of trees. hmmm….graphite is also cased with trees. tress and grass hate fire but if you put graphite on sheets of trees you can hang it on a wall in your tree house. If your house is made of lumber. guess this means I like to hug trees…with my lips and my fingers. But I’m not a hippie.

  • Ha says:

    I wasted my life reading these comments

  • unanimour says:

    But sometimes you just like to stick to tradition
    (pun somewhat intended)

  • Gur Savage says:

    I used to sharpen both ends of my pencil, when I was a kid. But later I preferred hybrid media.

    There’s an error in my op: the first explanatory pic at the bottom of the 1+1 pencil tutorial it is shown how to sharpen it. But instead of sharpening the “male” side, I would sharpen the “female” one. So that you only need to add a whole body when the stub is almost over.

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