This foldable strainer turns into a majestic peacock when not in use!

Sukwoo Lee’s strainer/colander possesses a quality that elevates and anthropomorphizes it to something beautiful that you’d surely not want to stash in your kitchen drawer. The collapsing strainer takes the shape and form of a peacock when its handle is folded inwards. It surely takes a great deal of creativity to be able to look at a product and see the potential to redesign it with the character of something else, but Sukwoo Lee manages to pull it off wonderfully!

The strainer’s handle serves as the body and slender neck of the peacock, complete with a minimalist beak, while the strainer itself resembles the fanned plumage of a peacock, with the strainer’s holes laid out in a beautiful pattern that definitely reminds one of the majestic bird.

Designer: Sukwoo Lee (SWNA) for Nongshim