This mobile EV charging pod rescues you when there’s no charging station nearby

A mobile charging pod that reaches the designated location to recharge the battery of your EV running very low on juice.

Electric vehicles are gradually going to dominate the roads on the planet, and consequently, the need to charge them is also increasing with time. Under normal circumstances, EV owners have to look out for electric charging stations in their vicinity when the battery is running out. But what if there is no charging station nearby for miles in every direction?

Design One identified this problem to propose a solution in the form of MECS ( Moving Electric Charging Station). As the name implies, it is a charging station on wheels, ready to rush to your location to juice up the empty battery to continue the trip. Shaped like a big RC car, the autonomous electric charging station is the ideal thing to bank upon when you are stranded in the middle of nowhere. This unmanned mobile charging station can be called b the user to the current location via an app. With a top speed of 120 kmph, the moving electric charging service is a viable product for the EV-dominated future.

MECS is loaded with cameras and sensors to detect the road conditions and the surroundings to navigate safely to the location. Once it arrives at the called location, the back cover can be lifted up by pressing a button to use the internal chargers (two charging types) or spare battery inside. The AI-enabled vehicle charging pod returns to the nearest hub to fill up its battery and be ready for another stranded commuter. Design One also envisions the MECS to lend its duty as an observer in case of emergencies like natural calamity or war situations.

How practical the concept here can be in real-life situations is subjective as the stationary electric charging infrastructure is increasing in developed countries, and the developing countries are following suit. To charge up the MECS vehicles too, infrastructure will be required in remote locations which in itself will be a challenge.