Snake Light Swallowing

Never follow a snake without a big bump in the middle. Take the initiative and train yourself to understand the safeness of the light. The lighthearted comparison of this lamp “After Dinner” to a snake that’s just eaten. There’s two kinds, After Dinner and After Lunch. Can you guess which is which? Not for sitting on.

Made to be versatile. The After Dinner and After Lunch both use fluorescent energy-saving bulbs. Small amounts of light and heat emit from this lamp, allowing for many locations of placement.

On the bed, in the bed, on the ground, on the ceiling, in the living room, in the kitchen, in the baby’s room, in the hallway. Ambience, son.

Made in the workshop by the famous Hans A Huseklepp and a super-collaborator of his Davide Groppi.

Designer: Hans A Huseklepp, Henning Rekdal Nielsen, Sebastian Jansson, and Maria Berndtsson


After Dinner lamp by Hans A Huseklepp