Double Headed Watering Can VS Godzilla

Oh no! Watch out you wilty-wanting flowers, you will be GROWN by the not one headed, but TWO headed watering can! Yes! It is “Symmetrican,” the watering can that is symmetrical! You can put water in on either side, the water flowing freely because of the hole on the other side. Then carry it where thou wilt, for it is simple to carry! Then, pour! It’s so simple, it’s just madness!

Created by designer Saebyul Lim to be a unique and eye-pleasing watering can for the garden.

The only question I have, S.L., is how does one clean such a thing?

Designer: Saebyul Lim

Symmetrican by Saebyul Lim





  • Bauski says:

    So simple yet so smart

    I’m impressed!

  • wj says:

    filling it will be a pain…

  • brack says:

    I agree wj…also it would be hard to clean the moss that will develop inside it. I love the idea though.

  • filip says:

    Shure, lets ignore production and usability.

  • AlienzExist says:

    Very cool, I agree with other comments on cleaning aspect. Solution: The lid should screw off, or it cold be modular, able to disassemble.

  • Observer says:

    Oh dear… the creator of the “symetrican” hasn’t done his / her homework. A few hours observing people using watering cans would have proved invaluable. For example, some users will fill a watering can to the top (to save extra trips to the tap), then when carrying the watering can they will tip it backwards so as not to spill any. The design fails – the design of watering cans has survived perfectly well with only one spout for hundreds of years. There’s a reason for that – it works.

  • jason says:

    To me watering can design does not have to be super technical or human factor. This one looks nice as it is. I can see this design is more of an art work than well engineered product. If you can find a good location for a parting line, I think it is a nice usuable art work!

    @filip it depends on where you want the joining line, but it seems like very simple to produce!
    I see simple injection molding or blowing can be used to make 2 parts and bond them together~! 🙂

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