Plants and Carbon-Fibres into Urns

So you love the environment, yes? I mean, you like living and therefor like the only place we’ve got to live in, right? How about recycling? This particular planet has a limited amount of resources, so using them again and again until they’re completely depleted makes sense, I’d say. Here’s a project that uses recycled carbon-fibre and a plant-based resin to create lovely little pots. It’s called the Xendless Carbon Fiber project and the pots in this post are called “Earn / Urn.”

Carbon-fiber is bad-assed. It’s got amazing strength for its weight. Did you see Napoleon Dynamite? They show, definitively, in that movie that a human person cannot tear a fiber-woven bowl apart, no matter how he tries. Carbon-fiber can resist radiation, static, and it’s got the capacity to carry an electric current. Amazing! There is a bit that gets everyone’s goat though: the fact that carbon-fiber objects are not bio-degradable.

So what’s going on in the Xendless project?

In recent years, advances have been made in the recycling industry that allow carbon-fiber items to be broken down to a level “as pure as the virgin material.” That’s cool. And what else? Instead of relying on petrochemical resins, Xendless works with fibers bound to renewably sourced “bio-resin” which is the stuff that’s made with plant oils instead of nasty, terrible, worst-ever crude oils. Plants forever!

And what about the Urns in the gallery below? They’re cremation urns, made to contain the ashes from the bones of dead humans. Twist that however you like, it’s downright poetic no matter what.

Designer: Neil Conley