Voice Recorder Bone

So you’ve got a voice recorder in your phone you say? So you’ve got one in your MP3 player, yes? Well they’re the worst! When it comes time to integrate, one of the greatest parts of industrial design quite often I must say, there are occasionally concessions that must be made. Designer Dror Goldblum knows this, and in order to save the ever-important voice recorder device from crap-level quality forever, he created this bone!

Goldblum’s voice recorder does the two things every standalone voice recorder should do – record and play sound. It also does the relatively newly important bit, connecting to a computer through USB to transfer the recorded sound files it picked up. It’s got an earphone jack, an optical volume interface, and does a fabulous little flick of the wrist activation sort of deal, exposing and activating the mic as you do so.

Once it’s on, it can stand alone on the table in a sassy little arch while you gaze into the eyes of your professor Dr. Jones.

Designer: Dror Goldblum